Motori marini da 80 a 155 cv

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4-stroke gasoline engine, parallel twin with balance shaft and overhead camshaft (SOHC)
846 ccm
92 kW/120 hp@7500 rpm 113 kW/155 hp@7500 rpm
113 Nm/88.5 Ft-lbs 143 Nm/107 Ft-lbs
Bore x Stroke/Compression:
89 mm x 68 mm/9:1
Alternator, Internal:
> 450 W@4000 rpm
Cooling System:
Closed coolant circuit and open sea water cooling circuit
Lubrication System:
Dry Sump Oil System
Starting System:
Integrated Electrical Starter
Fuel Delivery System:
Map based, multipoint electronic fuel injection
Turbocharged (TC) and Intercooled (IC)
Fuel Requirement:
Premium unleaded gasoline (95 ROZ/91 R+M/2 minimum)
95 kg/209 Lbs 100 kg/221lbs

MPE 850

The Turbocharged (TC) engine family is a proven and durable marine power solution that’s been in series production since 2003. It features a parallel twin, overhead cam engine with multi-point fuel injection that includes a closed-loop, thermostat- controlled cooling system, turbo-charging with intercooler and lambda control. It provides a new level of technological content to realize industry leading performance in a compact package com- bining remarkably low fuel consumption, very low emissions and an outstanding hp/weight ratio. It
is a complete “plug and play”, drop-in marine power plant that is truly a next generation replacement to the venerable MPE 750.


- Recommended for marine applications with single or twin installations to 25‘ length.
- Fiberglass and aluminum boats, yacht tenders and personal watercraft.
- CAD files available for engine interface, pump box and hull/intake 


- Best in-class hp/weight ratio, consumption and reliability
- Compact package allows for design flexibility and more usable space
- Durable & proven, over 50,000 engines produced and in the field
- Industry-leading fuel efficiency
- Low NVH – smooth and quiet
- Low Emission: US EPA and EC certified
- Easy to use – drop in “Plug & Play” solution Closed-loop cooling system
- Rapid warm-up – ideal for short distances Map-based multi-point electronic fuel injection
- automatic temperature and altitude compensation - no choke
- quick response, no bogging
- Optimized design with no perceivable turbo lag 

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Engine Power Range:
50 – 200 hp
Complete Jet Drive Kit: 13.7 Kg/30.2 lbs, Pump Only: 12 Kg/26.5 lbs
148 mm/5.8“ Diameter, Axial Flow
3 blade stainless steel, progressive pitch design
6 blade stainless steel
Mount, Nozzles, Reverse Gate:
Fiber reinforced composite
Additional Functions:
Integrated cooling water supply for engine


The Jet Propulsion System has over 20 years of development, refinements and production ensuring a durable, reliable marine jet solution for boats, yacht tenders and personal watercraft.
The pump features stainless steel and reinforced composites with sealed high-performance marine grade bearings.
The reverse gate provides superior steering control and greater reverse thrust. The scope of supply includes everything needed except the cables and reverse actuation. This jet propulsion system offers a great value, low weight and exceptional features in a proven and durable product.


- Recommended for marine applications with single or twin installations
- Fiberglass and aluminum boats, personal watercraft, yacht tenders
- CAD files available for the design of the intake tunnel and pump box


- Superior reverse gate design provides more reverse thrust and better steering control
- Excellent price-to-performance ratio compared to competing propulsion systems
- Corrosion resistance, saltwater capable design – no dissimilar metals
- Increased safety compared to conventional propulsion systems such as propeller propulsion
- Designed specifically for use with Textron marine engines
- Increase in payload and layout options in boat design Proven design since 1996, new generation 3 upgrades
- Extremely durable design featuring stainless steel impeller, wear ring and stator
- Easy installation 


- Jet Pump
- Reverse System
- Steering System
- Through Hull Bearing/seal
- Drive Shaft 547 mm/21.5“ length Intake Grate
- Inlet Scoop
- Wide range of impeller options available to match boat load characteristics to engine and pump combination
- Designed for standard interface with cables and helm controls
- Lord PTO isolation coupler to drive shaft 

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